synthetic urine

Synthetic Urine

Review of Top Synthetic Urine Brands in the Market

For many years, people have been using synthetic urine. The main function of synthetic urine is to help you pass a drug test. It has similar characteristics, like natural human urine. Technological advancements have resulted in lots of fake urine brands in the market. So, how can you choose the right urine? You can rely on this review of the best synthetic urine brands. These are the top brands to check.

Quick Fix

This is one of the top synthetic urine brands currently on the market. The current version is Quick Fix 6.2. In fact, this is a formulation you can rely on to pass your drug test without a lot of struggle. After purchasing fake urine, you are given a batch validator. This is important for checking the sample before submitting it to the lab. Moreover, the package has a flip-top cap, heat pack, and temperature strip. The good thing about Quick Fix is that it is available in a wide range of sizes.


synthetic urineThis is another synthetic urine that is available in a wide range of kits. For instance, you can find it in 4oz or 3oz. It is advisable to open the package and put it in a microwave about 15 seconds before you submit it. If you have issues putting the urine in a microwave, you can attach the bottom of the bottle to a heating pad. If the urine is overheated, allow it to cool to the right temperature.


This is a top fake pee from Safeguard. The package has to calibrate urinalysis equipment and contains the components found in human urine. The manufacturer says it has the right PH balance and appropriate creatine levels. You should note that Upass fake pee is easy to use, and it is toxin-free. In fact, you can prepare it within seconds.

Ultra Pure

This is another synthetic pee that can help you pass the drug test. You should note that this product can be used by both women and men, and it has a shelf life of two years. It is easier to purchase this fake pee online, and it is available in 3oz and 4oz. The full package comes with it a temperature strip, fake urine solution, and heating pad.

The above are the top synthetic urine brands currently on the market. When choosing one for passing a drug test, ensure you carry out adequate research. Remember that there are other synthetic urine brands such as Sub Solution that are equally effective.…